Story of A Goddess


He can’t have her.

She was beautiful. Her brown locks falling over her shoulders as she leaned over the table to feed herself cereal. The corner of her eyes crinkling as she smiled - her pink lips tugged at both ends to reveal her pearly whites. Laughing at something Luna was saying. Molten chocolate eyes twinkling, her flawless skin glowing under the sunlight that escaped through the large windows at the Great Hall. 

She was beautiful. 

He wanted her, he knew that now. He couldn’t push aside those feelings anymore. No longer in denial. It was not just infatuation. All his attention towards that girl with curly brown hair with brown orbs as eyes. But then another boy of 16 with flaming red hair sat next to her and smiled at her as though she was his everything. Harry halted in his steps. 

Yes. She was beautiful. No. He couldn’t have her.

Breakfast seemed no longer palatable. With that, he turned around and walked out of the large doors. Missing the pair of brown eyes watching him leave. The same pair that he was watching just a few moments ago. The twinkle in her eyes dimming to a dull note.

Harmony feels are back.

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