Story of A Goddess


To Kelli my jelly bb!

And because i’m bored and don’t wanna study. Teehee.


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Posted on January 23rd at 2:30 PM
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  1. k-harmonynaka said: OH MY GOSH ELI!!! This is BEAUTIFUL!! And this is for me?! I’m honored. You need to sing more and post it! Just like Kyle said, if I was sick, I would ask for you to sing to me and I’d be better in no time. Love you Eli!
  2. insynchlikeharmony said: oh my god… how can you tag this as ‘this is shit’?!?! if you were my doctor, i would have you sing to me!! this is aklfdj;adsjf;askj omg, if i was sick, you could sing ‘soft kitty…’ :DD
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